Candid Coffee Roasters was founded in 2020 by two passionate individuals, Rachel and Levi. Prior to starting this business, Levi worked as a coffee roaster for another local coffee company. Despite the challenging circumstances posed by the pandemic, Levi believes that it was the right choice to embark on his new journey in creating Candid and growing as a coffee professional. 

Fortunately, Rachel holds a steady position as a teacher, allotting Levi to immerse himself in developing Candid. While maintaining her full-time job, Rachel handles many of the behind-the-scenes operations for our business, a testament to her dedication and hard work.

Since our opening in April of 2020, we have been blessed with a great community of regulars who frequent our shop and purchase our coffee. It has been a true joy to share our dream of creating a coffee shop/roastery with all of our patrons, and we are excited to continue fostering the growth of the Candid Community in the years to come.


At Candid Coffee Roasters, we are dedicated to the procurement of ethically sourced coffee from premium producers worldwide, and ensuring that these producers are justly compensated for their efforts. We have taken the initiative to build and nurture long-standing relationships with reputable farmers and brokers who share our values and uphold ethical business practices in the sourcing, import, and cultivation of our products.