Meet Our Team!

Levi and Rachel 

Levi and Rachel are the owners of Candid Coffee Roasters! Levi is in charge of the day to day operations, while Rachel tackles more of the behind the scenes tasks and is a full time teacher. When Levi and Rachel started Candid it was important for them to remain sincere to themselves, which is part of why they named the business Candid. Starting Candid was a big dream of theirs and they are so happy to realize this dream daily.


Erin has been with Candid since the beginning. Erin is involved with many aspects of Candid, but most people know her as a welcoming face. Erin’s role is ever evolving but we are so glad she is apart of our team. Erin is hardworking, a coffee fanatic, and an outstanding barista.


Gabe is newer to the coffee scene, but is a seasoned people person. He is always good for an engaging conversation. Gabe is kind, methodical, and generous. 


We are very excited to add Alora to our team. Alora has a plethora of coffee experience with even more enthusiasm to back it. Alora has competed in the Brewers Cup coffee competition, and is very intentional about honing her craft! Alora is energetic, enthusiastic and warm!